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Friday, Saturday. Until 17:00

Tomatoes Curry [Shakshuka] with Rayu Oil [Spicy Japanese Sesame Oil]
and Cilantro …42
Vegan Tomatoes Curry [Shakshuka] with Soft Tofu and Cilantro …39
Okonomiyaki [Japanese Savory Pancake] Roquette and Scallions,
Waldorf, Sour Cream Sauce …38
Zucchini Kakiage [Tempura Fritters] with Mint and Basil,
Avocado Cream and 7 minute Egg …46
Soba [Buckwheat] Blini with Smoked Salmon and Green Leaves …48
Tamago [Japanese Omelet] Brioche with Tomatoes and Scallions …29
Cobb Salad with Chicken, Bacon, Avocado and Blue Cheese …58
Hirohito Salad [Japanese Emperor 1926-1989] with Croutons
and Parmesan Cheese …39
+ Grilled Chicken …16
Glass Noodle Salad, Chinese Cabbage, Root Vegetables, Hijiki Seaweed and Roasted Soy Beans …56
Torikatsu [Chicken Cutlet] with Cabbage Salad and Bulldog Sauce [Japanese Ketchup]56
Club Burger Brioche with Pickled Cucumbers, Red Onion and Bulldog Sauce [Japanese Ketchup]56
Pork Filled Gyoza, Steamed and Seared …38
Shoyo Ramen [Soy Stock, Bamboo Shoots, Chashu Pork, Scallions
and Sprouts with Our Ramen Noodles]58

Tom Collins…29
Bloody ,Mary …32
Plum Tea…32

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