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15/07, Sunday

Salmon Sashimi, Wasabi …32
Pork Filled Gyoza, Steamed and Seared …38
Glass Noodle Salad, Chinese Cabbage, Root
Vegetables, Hijiki and Roasted Soya Beans…52
Hirohito Salad [Japanese Emperor 1926-1989] with
Croutons and Parmesan Cheese …32
+Grilled Chicken …16
Bokchoy and Spinach with Soy, Garlic and Steamed Rice …49
Cobb Salad with Chicken, Bacon, Avocado and Blue Cheese …54
Steamed Rice …12

Cold Hokiado Soup [Pumpkin Soup}, Wakama
Spinach with Goma Sauce
Salmon Tartar, Avocado Cream, Shrimp Puff
Root Salad, Cashew Cream, Ginger
Fried Chicken Wings with Korean Hot Sauce

Torikatsu [Chicken Cutlet] with Cabbage Salad and
Bulldog Sauce …58
Club Burger Brioche with Pickled Cucumbers, Red Onion and Bulldog Sauce [Japanese Ketchup]58

Chocolate Cake w' Yuzu Whipped Cream …18
Matcha  [Green Tea] Ice Cream …12
Shiro Miso Rice Pudding w' Rubarb …18

Silence is Golden