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pickled peppers, garlic and olive oil …12
salmon sashimi, wasabi and soy …34
meat filled gyoza, steamed and seared …42

root vegetables salad, chinese cabbage, roasted soy beans …56
hirohito salad (japanese emperor 1926-1989), croutons, parmesan cheese …39
grilled chicken breast …16
cobb salad with chicken, bacon, avocado and blue cheese …58
bok-choy, broccumini with soy, garlic and steamed rice …58

green salad in citrus vinaigrette …16
steamed rice …12

choose a starter that comes along with the main cousre:
miso soup, shiitake, tofu and green onion
glass noodles salad, red miso, green onion and coriander
salmon tartare with tiger-milk and cucumber
chicken salad with korean bbq and green onion
fried beef wonton, aioli raio and pickled cucumber

main cousre:
torikatsu (chicken cutlet), cabbage salad and bulldog sauce …64
chicken breast, green onions, celery with udon noodles …64
spring chicken, orange-ginger sauce ,onion and sweet potato …64

club burger brioche, pickled cucumbers and bulldog sauce …58
beef and pork sausages with burned cabbage …56
rump steak, garlic confit, green beens and mushrooms …72
bibimbap (short ribs on fried rice, zucchini, onion ,carrots and coriander) …72
tan tan ramen (korean ragu, goma, egg and our ramen noodels)…68

salmon sashimi, wasabi, soy and steamed rice …62
grilled salmon in born onion cream and green vegetables …78

yakisoba (noodles), with broccoli, pickled mushrooms and ginger …62
yakisoba (noodles), calamari, chicken, bean and broccoli …68
korean bolognese and rayo oil [[chili oil] on udon noodles …68

chocolate mousse w miso whipped cream
cocunut cream,
roasted and plum
ginger and white chocolate uce cream

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